In 1918 and then again in 1945 our Fathers, Uncles, Husbands and Brothers returned home from overseas and brought their war trophies with them. Over the last 100 plus years the collecting of military antiques has become a huge hobby and investment for tens of thousands of collectors.

The Great War 1914-1918

Private Barney Hines, known as the “Souvenir King”, after the battle of Polygon Wood.

WW1 Canadian soldiers posing with a German Iron Cross 2nd Class

British officer with captured German Headgear

U.S. Soldier with captured German Busby in 1918

Australian soldier with captured spiked helmet, Iron Cross and pistol.


German M16 helmet mailed home in 1918

Mailing label affixed to the top of the above helmet

War bond drive helmet poster 

The Second World War 1939-1945

Canadian soldiers of the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade displaying a German flag captured in a quarry south of Hautmesnil, France, 10 August 1944

GI With captured German Bayonet & Sword

Canadian Sergeant Gerard Durocher of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal with an array of German medals that he acquired as souvenirs

Royal Navy Members with captured German State Service Flag


American soldiers examining captured Japanese swords, many of which would be brought back to the United States as souvenirs.

GI With captured German Daggers & P38

US Marine with captured Japanese flag

US Marines with an assortment of Captured Japanese Items

US GI's line up to get their "bring back" certificates for  their captured German in 1945. 


Captured German WW2 Insignia blanket as given out to Canadian troops returning home in 1945

Example of a "bring back" certificate along with captured medals and flag from 1945

Captured German WW2 Insignia blanket as given out to Canadian troops returning home in 1945


The Chester Ball "Mailed Home" Grouping

Fantastic grouping of captured items mailed home in 1944/45. Including a captured SS Helmet & M43 Cap


The Joe Romano  "Mailed Home" Optics Set

Fantastic captured German optics mailed home in 1944/45. 

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