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"The Collectorís Guild" is a collectors based organization serving legitimate military collectors, historians, and museums. Our function is to provide original investment grade items to our membership and to help our members with any questions they may have. We are not associated with any political groups or organizations and in no way support racism or discrimination in any form.

The First Dedication of this Web page goes to my family members who served in both the First & Second World Wars.

Archiebald Whamond (19th Light Horse)

Archie (JR) Whamond (Provost Corps 3rd Div RCA)

Harvey Spencer (RCA)

 Lloyd Harrison (RCAF) Communications

Francis Wandless (RCAF)

Roger Holdsworth (RCAF Lancaster Tail Gunner)

Clyde Spencer (Calgary Highlanders RCA)

Uncle Lloyd sitting on a captured JU-87 "Stuka" in Germany 1945.

Dedication to Members & Customers

  In reality, the Guild would never have become what it is today without our members. Itís to you that we owe the biggest thanks. I have never made any pretense to be the absolute authority or expert in any given field, although I have collected in many fields over the years (Canadian WW2, U.S. WW2, German WW2, Imperial German, US Civil War & WW2 Japanese).  Anytime I run across an item that I have not seen before or am unsure of, I will always contact one of our members who has more experience in any given field than myself. The sheer numbers of collectors I have met that have a true dedication to their field is simply amazing... my hat is off to you!

Anytime even the slightest mistake is spotted in one of our items, be it a maker's mark to a replaced pin, or something misidentified or mislabeled, please contact me via e-mail so I can make the correction. All I care about is that we get it right so never be afraid to contact me. Many thousands of collectors use this website as a reference guide as well as a place to buy & sell, so it is absolutely critical to get the correct information out there for them.


Special thanks to

Owen Thornton, Steve Herzog, Chris Mason, Frank Heukemes, John Hodgin, Scott Pritchett, Jean Pierre Redeuilh, Carsten Fries, Roy Akins, Doug Buhler, Tony Schnurr, Eric Doody, Jareth Holub, Jeff Hammond, William (Bill) Garvey, Tony Binetti, Gordon Williamson, Eric Stahl, Bill Shea, Don Lust, Don Bible, Glenn McInnes, Leif Jacobsen, Werner Palinckx, Jack Melvin, Carl Ellingstadt, Reiadar Daae, David Bunch & the list goes on and on. No matter how many hundreds (if not thousands) of e-mails I write these guys, they always respond to my questions. Thank you.

And a very special thank you goes to my good friend Dave Delich, It's been over 25 years now that weíve been exchanging snail mail and Iíve learned so much from him. Dave, thank God you now have a computer!

About me

My obsession with all things military started in the late 1960's although I didnít start collecting in earnest until about 1974. Like most young collectors at the time, my initial collection was kick started by souvenirs handed down to me that my Grandfathers & Uncles had returned with in 1945. From that point on there was no looking back. Over the last forty years I have been very fortunate to meet & talk with literally hundreds of Canadian, American & German veterans. Sadly, these days are rapidly coming to a close as there are fewer & fewer vets around each year. They will be missed.

    In the 1980's my good friend Terry Gamble & I started the Collectorís Guild. Our only goal was to have a safe place for collectors to obtain original only artifacts. That remains my # 1 priority, and anyone who knows me well, knows how obsessive I am about this. There is absolutely no point in owning an item unless it is real.

    For a period of about 15 years we published a fully illustrated auction catalog. In 2001 we decided to switch over completely to the internet. It has certainly served to be a much faster & better way to service all of our clients. Although I will never look back, I sometimes miss the old snail mail days.

    For those of us who are passionate about the hobby, you well know the rush from picking up an item and knowing it was actually there, a piece of history. If youíre looking for 100% original items with a lifetime guarantee, you have come to the right place. 

Peter Whamond

The Guild has been in business since 1989 & I have been personally been involved in the hobby since 1974.


If you would like to be on our mailing list for the new items update please e-mail us at the below e-mail link saying "Please add me to your mailing list"


All images contained on this site belong the Collector's Guild Inc. Images may not be used or reproduced with-out our permission. We retain the right to scan any items consigned to us for use on this web page or in reference material we are publishing to help inform and educate collectors.    

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