- Its fast and easy. All you have to do is e-mail us with the item numbers you are looking for. If the items are available we will put them on hold for you until payment is made. With payment by Paypal, Visa, or Master Card, we can have your items packed and shipped the very next day. We also accept postal money orders and bank drafts. 

*-All prices listed on this website are in US dollars.

-For customers in Germany: By placing an order you assure that you are not going to use the item you want to buy for purposes that are not allowed in the (German) StGB (Strafgesetzbuch). Please read §86 StGB. 

-"The Collector’s Guild" is a collectors based organization serving legitimate military collectors, historians, and museums. Our function is to provide original investment grade items to our membership and to help our members with any questions they may have. We are not associated with any political groups or organizations and in no way support racism or discrimination in any form.

Please note, 

We can be reached by E-mail Monday through Friday by E-mail 9am to 5 pm. 

- All items are sold on a first come first serve basis.


-If for some reason the above mailbox is full, please use our second e-mail address

Contact information:

The Collector’s Guild
PO Box 1255, Station A
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Canada E3B 5C8

Phone (506) 450 9405 (Answering machine; Please use E-mail to contact us). 

Fax (506) 453 9414

All times are AST (Atlantic Standard Time). AST is one hour past Eastern Standard Time. Example. When its 3pm in New York (EST), its 4pm in Fredericton (AST).

Our Guarantee

- All items are 100% pre- May 1945 manufacture.

- Each and every item we sell is lifetime guaranteed for originality. There is no point in owning a piece of history if it is not real. This guarantee applies to all items big and small. Not a single item is sold by us that would not go into our own collections.

- There is a ten day return privilege for condition of goods, and lifetime for originality.

- Any item may be returned by purchaser if he is not satisfied with the condition or grading of an item during the ten day inspection period. Approval for returns must be made by phone, fax, or e-mail.

-Returns for any reason made and or authorized after 60 days will be given as credit towards other items as we have paid the consignors for their items at that point.

- Purchaser is responsible for return shipping & any processing fees.

- All items are graded as accurately as possible.

- Any original items that have been repaired, repainted, or retouched are listed as such.

- Only known original examples are accepted for sale.

- All of our items are exactly as described.


- The condition of the items is given using a five-star system. The star symbol will appear before the open bid price. In some cases the star may be followed by a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 symbol, indicating the item is almost good enough to reach the next level.

*Relic condition.

**Well used showing heavy wear.

***Used showing moderate wear and most original finish.

****Very fine condition; shows some minor wear.

*****Mint. Shows little or no sign of usage and retains at least

95% of its original finish.

- The terms gold and silver describe grading and coloration and not the actual metal content.


- All prices listed are in US dollars.

- Payments may be made by; Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Drafts or Transfer directly to our bank account.


- Under certain circumstances we have permission to accept partial or full trades depending on the consigner.

- Items offered for trade must be received and inspected by us before a trade can be finalized.

- Canadian members please note;-The GST will only be charged on the balance after the trade. Example. If you receive a $300.00 credit on a trade toward an item worth $400.00, you will only be charged the tax on the difference of $100.00.


- Postage costs will be added to shipments.

- Damaged property should be reported to the carrying agent. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to settle insurance claims.

- Canadian residents are required to remit the appropriate taxes as per the Province of residence.


-Those members who would like to purchase more expensive items, may select to use our layaway plan.

- Layaways must be authorized by e-mail.

- Layaways require one-half of the payment down and the remainder within 30 days.

- There are no refunds on layaways as we are obligated to pay the consignor of the item.

- Some items may not be subject to this plan depending upon the consigner. Again, please confirm with us.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for the new items update please e-mail us at the below e-mail link saying "Please add me to your mailing list"


All images contained on this site belong the Collector's Guild Inc. Images may not be used or reproduced with-out our permission. We retain the right to scan any items consigned to us for use on this web page or in reference material we are publishing to help inform and educate collectors.    

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