BACKGROUND: The Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant was established circa 1841 during the American Civil War as a branch of highest degree in the IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows). As a purely semi-military organization for chivalric display, they participate in the annual "Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers" ceremonies. With only one degree, the Chevalier degree, it allows the person to hold the office in the Canton (also referred to as "The Canton").

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 71cm (28") long blade with a globe shaped pommel with a grip ferrule in the shape of a crown. The wooden hilt is wrapped in leather and gilt wire with a upward swept quillions of the cross guard that show a jeweled crown with a shepherds crook and sword through the opening of the crown and passing through the "triple links of Odd Fellowship" that connects the two at the bottom (symbol of "The Canton"). The front of the blade is etched with a lamb and lion with the owners name etched between these two symbols. The manufacture "Made by the M.C. Lilley & Co. Columbus Ohio" is etched to the ricasso. The reverse of the blade is marked with various Masonic symbols with the markings "PM" to the ricasso. The leather washer is in place. The rolled scabbard has three ornate sections that are held in place by metal screws. The top section has the motto "Paxaut Bellum" (Peace or War) to a shield with the lamb and lion, while the middle section has the letters "PM" to it, while the bottom section is ornately designed with an acorn to the bottom. Both of these sections have rings affixed to them to allow for a sword hanger. The scabbard measures approximately 74cm (29"). The scabbard, quillion, grip ferrule and pommel show some spotting, while the blade is very clean. The leather pommel shows some "picking". Research of the manufacture indicates that sword dates from 1882-1925.

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