BACKGROUND: On June 17TH 1936, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was appointed to the newly created position of Chef der Deutschen Polizei im Reichsministerium des Innern, (Chief of the German Police in the National Ministry of the Interior), effectively giving him full control of all police agencies within Germany. As a result of this appointment and the restructuring of all the separate German state police into a single national police force new regulations were instituted on June 25TH 1936 to bring about uniformity in dress for all police through-out the country. One of the new uniform regulations replaced the previously worn blue uniforms with a new style police green uniform that was utilized, with minor modifications, until the end of the war. During the restructuring the different police agencies were allotted specific "truppenfarbe" (Troop {Branch of Service} Colors), as identifying insignia, with the Schutzpolizei des Reiches, (National Protection Police), were allocated green truppenfarbe which was generally displayed on the uniform sleeve eagle, shoulder boards and collar tabs. The M44 field blouse was the final uniform developed for the German soldier during WWII and was a complete departure from the previously used uniforms. The M44 field blouse was officially introduced on September 25TH 1944 and followed the basic cut and design of the short British battledress tunics in an attempt to conserve materials and labor. Generally the M44 field blouses were manufactured in a distinctive new shade of material designated field-grey 44, which had a considerably more olive/brown coloration then the earlier field-grey color. The police also adopted limited use of the M44 field blouse but utilized police green fabric instead of the new field-grey 44 fabric. Police Officers holding the rank of Polizei-Leutnant to Generaloberst der Polizei were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and could purchase them through the SS-Kleiderkasse, (Clothing Account), system which was originally established in Munich in 1935. The Officers were allotted a one time clothing allowance from the government with the amount varying depending on the individuals rank. The ranks of Polizei Unterwachtmeister to Polizei-Obermeister were issued their uniforms although they could also choose to purchase privately tailored garments of higher quality although the price may have been restrictive. Of Note: The German Police had no enlisted ranks with the lowest rank being an Unterwachtmeister which was equivalent to the German army rank of Unteroffizier.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Waist length police green, wool/rayon blend construction M44 field blouse features a vertical, five button front closure, small fold back lapels, a single metal hook and eye at the forward neckline and a lay down collar. The field blouse has two, non-pleated, patch, breast pockets with straight edged button down flaps. The field blouse has straight cut, sleeve cuffs with a vertical slash to the outside seam and a single closure button with a two, corresponding, stitched, fit adjustment, button eyelets to each. The upper left sleeve has a post-November 1941 pattern, generic, machine woven police eagle encompassed by a vertically oval, oak-leaf wreath in pale grey threads with black eye and swastika detailing, mounted on a cut-out, woven police green rayon base. The eagle is machine stitched to the sleeve in the typical zig-zag fashion. Original slip on shoulder boards. The reverse of the large lay down collar has the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching. No collar tabs. Very nice Rbnr# and Polizei issue markings. Dated for 1944. All original buttons and stitching. The field blouse is roughly size 36" chest. Super nice!!

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