BACKGROUND: During the Third Reich on acceptance into full-time police service, individuals were issued a Dienstausweis, (Service Identification Card), for use as internal police identification, a Dienstpass (Service Pass), for internal police administration to record the individual’s police service record and an identifying Erkennungsmarken, (Warrant Disc/Identification Tag). They where typically suspended on a chain from either trouser braces buttons, or button holes or those on their waistcoats. (depending on whether they had the leather fob end or the metal spring ring commonly found on early Austro/German watch chains). (Dennis, thank you). The warrant discs were utilized as the official form of identification when the police were performing policing duties, arrests, crowd control, etc.. The first German police warrant discs were originally introduced by the Berlin Police in January 1810 and other police agencies soon followed suit. The first Third Reich era police warrant disc was initiated by Hermann Göring on January 17TH 1934 in his position as Preussischen Innenminister und Chef der Preussischen Polizei, (Prussian Interior Minister and Chief of the Prussian Police), for use by the Preussischen Gemeindekriminalpolizei, (Prussian Local Criminal Police). The next regulations concerning the police warrant discs were issued on July 1ST 1936 by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, (National Leader {of the} SS), in his newly appointed position as Chef der Deutschen Polizei im Reichsministerium des Innern, (Chief of the German Police in the National Ministry of the Interior), and introduced new discs for Geheime Staatspolizei, (Secret State Police), and the Staatliche Kriminalpolizei, (National Criminal Police). The final modification to the police warrant discs was issued on December 12TH 1940 by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and altered the wording to appear on the discs. Of Note: It appears the regulations for the police warrant discs of July 1ST 1936 were never enacted. The final official mention of the police warrant discs was issued in 1944 when the official designation was modified from Erkennungsmarken to Dienstmarke, (Service Mark/Identification). Of Note: The warrant discs are not to be confused with the standard "Dog Tag" identity discs. Although most police personnel did have uniforms the warrant discs were utilized when they were performing their duties in civilian clothing. A special thanks must be mentioned to Don Bible for his outstanding research in the field. Don Thank you!

Update info added Aril 18th 2019.  The January 17 1934 order creating new discs for the Prussian Kriminalpolizei not only created the Preussisches Gemeinde Kriminalpolizei, but also the Preuss. Staatliche Kriminalpolizei. The order creating the Gestapo and Kripo discs of July 1, 1936 was indeed carried out. The text on the disc was changed after publishing. The evidence of this unpublished change is found in the order creating the Gem Kripo Dienstmarke on Feb 22, 1937 in which the Gem Kripo were authorized to carry Erkennungsmarken identical to those of the Staatl. Kriminalpolizei except the text would read "Gemeindekriminalpolizei". Not "Beamter der Geheimestaatspolizei" or "Beamter der Kriminalstaatspolzei". The color was to be brown. Moreover, the order of 12.12.1940 did not alter the wording that appeared on the discs. That order created uniform Ausweis to be issued to the three services: Geatapo, Kripo and Gem Kripo. And there were other orders concerning the discs besides the "last" one you mention in 1944.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 1 7/16" tall, 1 7/8" wide, and 1/16" thick, (3.5cm x 5cm x 2mm), die struck, non-magnetic, bronze alloy construction, horizontally oval, disc features a raised outer edge lip and the embossed national eagle, with outstretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in it’s talons on a smooth background field to the obverse. The reverse of the disc also has the raised outer edge lip and smooth background field and features the embossed, slightly stylized Latin capitalized script, "Staatliche Kriminalpolizei", (National Criminal Police), in two lines positioned above the stamped, recipient’s personal roster number, "4161", with a fine, embossed underline. One end of the disc has a cut-out, beveled hole for attaching the neck cord positioned at the end of the second line of embossed script. Scarce police warrant disc in overall very good condition.

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