S009556 DRIVER'S LICENCE & ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS. (SS-Führerschein und Urkunden)

BACKGROUND: The German armed forces went to great lengths to ensure its personnel were provided with the best in-depth training that was available at the time. Besides basic military and ideology training additional training also covered a wide variety of specialized skills, trades and functions including vehicle drivers. The armed forces required all drivers to pass the appropriate military drivers test, even if they already held a civilian drivers licence. The wide variety of military vehicles necessitated diverse, in-depth testing depending on the particular vehicle to be driven. The drivers licenses were issued in three assorted classes for different types of vehicles. The SS basically followed the armed forces and originally all SS training was controlled by the SS-Hauptamt, (SS Central Office), until the establishment of the SS-FHA, SS-Führungshauptamt, (SS-Operational Headquarters), in August 1940 who overtook most of the training duties for the Waffen-SS. All military and SS drivers licence were assigned a specific number which was recorded by the units administrative office which enabled them to reissue a lost licence with no further testing. The military and SS drivers licenses were only valid while the individual was on active service and on discharge the licence was to be returned to the appropriate administrative office. With the return of the military/SS drivers licence the individual would be reissued a civilian licence with no further testing. Of Note: On October 23RD 1942 a series of three Drivers Proficiency Badges in the grades of bronze, silver and gold were introduced with qualifications for bestowal of the badges being retroactive to December 1ST 1940. The criteria for award of one of the badges varied with exceptional driving ability and vehicle maintenance being the main considerations.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", dual fold, light-weight, grey cardstock construction SS drivers licence with a subtle, repeating base pattern, black printed Gothic script and handwritten, typed and inkstamped particulars. The particulars indicate the recipient passed his class two, "Verbrennungsmaschine, (Internal Combustion Engine), drivers tests on, "27. 10. 1944", and was therefore authorized to drive military cars. Additional script includes, "Nur gültig für die Dauer Dienstverhältnisses bei der Waffen-SS {Bei der Entlassung abzugeben.}", (Only valid for the duration of service in the Armed-SS. {To be returned on release of service.}). Other particulars include the individual’s name and birth date, the licence issue number and the issuing unit, "SS-Nachr. Ers. Abt.", (SS Signals Replacement Battalion). Additional printed script includes, "Nur gültig in Verbindung mit dem Soldbuch", (Only valid in connection with the Pay book). The licence has the authorizing signature of a "SS-Obersturmfuhrer und SS-K.C", with two unit inkstamps, but surprisingly no photograph of the recipient has been applied. The licence is in overall very good condition with minimal age toning. Also included are three additional documents related to the same individual. The documents consist of a roughly, 5 3/4" x 8 1/4" light weight paper "Urlaub" (Furlough) certificate with typed and inkstamped script. The script indicates the individual was allotted fourteen days of, "Genesungsurlaub", (Convalescence Leave), with two travel days and an additional fourteen days of, "Erholungsurlaub", (Rest and Relaxation Leave), also with an additional two travel days. The document was issued from the Herzogenaurach reserve hospital in "Nürnberg" on, "18. Mai 1944" and has the authorizing signature of a "SS-Sturmbannführer u. Kommandeur" and the hospital validation inkstamped dated, "20 Mai 1944". Additional script indicates the individual had received no furlough for 1943 or 1944. The reverse of the document has the unit inkstamp, "Waffen-SS SS-Nachr. Ers. Abt.", and a postmarked dated, "19. 5. 44". The document shows light to moderate age yellowing, a couple of fold creases and some minor edge fraying. The left edge of the document has two punched holes for inclusion in a binder. The next documents consist of a roughly, 8 1/4" x 5 3/4", light weight paper dental receipt with black printed, typed and inkstamped script. The script indicates that a, "SS-Funker", (SS Signals EM), assigned to the "SS Kraftfahrschule", (SS Driver’s School), at Burglengenfeld had three dental bridges at a cost of twenty Reichsmarks each. The receipt was issued on, "19. Okt. 1944", and the inkstamped script indicates the bill was paid in full with the dentists signature. The document shows light to moderate age yellowing, a couple of fold creases and some minor edge fraying. Of Note: The individual had received his vehicle drivers licence on October 27TH 1944, and this receipt indicates he was at the SS Kraftfahrschule on, October 19TH 1944, where he obviously received his driver training. The final document is a roughly, 3" x 4 1/8", light weight green cardstock, "Ausweis", (Identification Card), with black printed, inkstamped and handwritten script. The undated document was issued by "Res.-Laz. Bramberg", (Reserve Hospital in Bramberg), and the script includes, "Inhaber dieser Karte hat Ausgang im Standortbereich Bamberg Dienstag , Donnerstag, Sonnabend Sonntag} von 13-20 Uhr. Er ist berechtigt, ohne Seitengewehr auszugehen.", (The Holder of this card has permission to be in the area of Bamberg on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday} between 1:00pm and 8:00pm. He is only permitted to go out without sidearms). Interestingly the card has no issue number entered and the reverse has three different handwritten names with rank prefixes. Two of the names have had lines drawn through them while the third name is the same individual as on the drivers licence and dental receipt. The different names would appears to indicate the card was generically used. The card is in overall good condition with minor age toning.

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