S007065 "NORDLAND" EM/NCO'S CUFFTITLE. (Ärmelstreiffen)

BACKGROUND: The SS-VT, SS-Verfügungstruppe, (SS-Special Purpose Troops), SS-Infanterie-Regiment (mot.) "Nordland", (SS Motorized Infantry Regiment), was originally formed utilizing Norwegian and Danish volunteers on Hitler’s birthday on April 20TH 1940. On its formation all regimental personnel were allotted a named cufftitle with script, "Nordland". In December 1940 the Nordland regiment was one of the cadre units utilized in the formation of the SS-Division {mot.} Germania which eventually evolved into the 5.SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking", (5TH SS-Armored Division). After the amalgamation into the Wiking division the regimental personnel retained the right to wear the Nordland cufftitle. In early February 1943 the Nordland regiment was transferred out of the Wiking division to become the nucleus of the newly forming, Kampverband "Waräger", (Combat Team Waräger), which was shortly after redesignated, Germanische-Freiwillingen-Division, (Germanic Volunteer Division). On April 10TH 1943 the division was renamed, SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division 11 {germanische}, (11TH Armored Germanic Infantry Division), only to be renamed again in July 1943 as, SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Freiwillingen-Division "Nordland" (SS Armored Infantry Volunteer Division North Land). On October 22ND 1943 the division received its final designation as, 11.SS-Freiwillingwen-Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Nordland", (11TH SS Volunteer Armored Infantry Division North Land). During all these name changes the original Nordland personnel retained the right to wear their distinctive cufftitle. All other divisional personnel who had not already been allotted a cufftitle were also granted the wear of the Nordland cufftitle. Of Note: The Nordland Division was the Germans first attempt at creating a complete division consisting of all non-German personnel. Also Of Note: The RZM, Reichzeugmeisterei, (National Equipment Quartermaster), was official founded in June 1934 in Munich by the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) as a Reich Hauptamt, (State Central Office), and was based on the earlier SA Quartermaster’s Department. The functions of the RZM were not only to procure and distribute items to Party formations, but also to approve chosen designs and to act as a quality control supervisor to ensure items manufactured for the Party met required specification and were standardized. Starting in late 1934 items manufactured for the SS came under the quality control of the RZM and were marked by a cloth RZM/SS approval tag. The dimensions and design of these cloth tags was altered in 1935 and this second pattern tag remained in use until early 1938, when it was replaced by a paper tag. In 1943 the Waffen-SS assumed full control over their uniform item production and no longer fell under the authority of the RZM. Originally the Nordland cufftitles were manufactured in the RZM pattern until the machine woven "BeVo" pattern was introduced in 1943.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly, 31mm tall, 49cm long, full length, 1943 pattern, machine woven, black rayon construction cufftitle features machine woven, (BeVo) Latin script, "Nordland" in silvery/grey cotton threads. The cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges with interwoven, vertically stitched, silvery/grey cotton threads. The full length cufftitle has the typical "salt & pepper" pattern reverse with folded over machine stitched ends. One of the folded over ends of the cufftitle has the machine woven trade name, "Bevo-Wuppertal", also in silvery/grey cotton threads indicating manufacture by Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher of Wuppertal. The cufftitle is in overall excellent, unissued condition.

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