S006178 SS M33 SERVICE DAGGER. (SS-Dienstdolch M33)

BACKGROUND: The SS M33 service dagger was introduced on December 15TH 1933 for wear by all full SS members, regardless of rank. The dagger was intended as an ornamental item and the design was based on the traditional 16TH century Swiss "Holbein" hunting dagger as was being utilized for the SA personnel’s dagger with a different coloration and insignia. The daggers were bestowed annually to newly accepted SS members at 10:00pm on the anniversary of the unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch, (November 9TH), in front of the Feldherrnhalle in Munich. Originally the daggers featured an anodized scabbard and utilized nice quality solid nickel/silver fittings until roughly early 1937 when the scabbards began to have a painted finish and cheaper nickel/silver plated fittings replaced the earlier solid nickel/silver fittings in 1938. Of Note: During the course of the Third Reich there were five distinct SS daggers introduced starting with the M33 dagger in 1933, the Röhm inscription, the Himmler dedication and the SS Honor dagger in 1934 and the M36 dagger in August 1936. Of Note: The RZM, Reichzeugmeisterei, (National Equipment Quartermaster), was official founded in June 1934 in Munich by the NSDAP as a Reich Hauptamt, (State Central Office), and was based on the earlier SA Quartermaster’s Department. The functions of the RZM were not only to procure and distribute items to Party formations, but also to approve chosen designs and to act as a quality control supervisor to ensure items manufactured for the Party met required specification and were standardized. Starting in late 1934 items manufactured for the SS came under the quality control of the RZM and as a result were marked with the RZM logo when appropriate. Of Note: In 1943 the Waffen-SS assumed full control over production of their items, including edged weapons and production no longer fell under the authority of the RZM.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nice quality dagger features a roughly, 22cm long, double edged, drop forged steel construction, nickel/silver plated blade with a low central ridge. The nickel/silver plated blade is in nice condition and looks to have been polished at some point. The obverse of the blade has a nice, deep, well defined acid etched motto, "Meine Ehre Heißt Treue", (My Honor is Loyalty). SS comtract number marked RZM 120/34 . The dagger comes with a solid nickel/silver cross guard, pommel and tang nut and a carved ebony grip. The reverse of the cross guard is well marked with stamped Roman numeral, "I". The nicely shaped ebony grip has a nice snug fit to the cross guard and pommel fittings. The grip has a flush, inset, solid nickel/silver national eagle and nickel/silver and enameled runic SS button nicely fit in place. The dagger comes with a black anodized, magnetic sheet metal scabbard with solid nickel/silver fittings. The scabbard retains a good portion of its black anodized finish. Ball is dented on the bottom fitting. Both the top and bottom scabbard fittings retain both of their dome headed retaining screws and the top fitting has the hanger suspension ring and loop intact. Comes with a nice vertical hanger.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $3,000.00

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