BACKGROUND: On reaching the minimum age of eighteen any racially acceptable, physically fit German male could volunteer for service with the SS. If found suitable the individual would be accepted as a SS-Bewerber, (SS-Applicant). On the first Reichsparteitag, (National Party {NSDAP} Day), held annually in September, following the applicants acceptance he would be approved as a SS-Anwärter, (SS-Candidate), and issued his SS-Ausweis, (SS-Identification Card). Following a period of probation and compulsory Reichsarbeitsdienst, (National Labor Service), and Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), service obligations the SS-Anwärter would return to the SS and be inducted as an SS-Mann on the following November 9TH, the anniversary of the failed Beer Hall Putsch.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 9cm x 12cm, heavy cardstock identification card with black printed Gothic script and typed and inkstamped particulars.. The printed script to the obverse of the card includes the heading, "Schutzstaffel der N.S.D.A.P"., followed by, "SS-führer- Ausweis Nr.", (SS= Leader Identification Card number), with inkstamped membership number, "323 041". The obverse also has a lined space designed to enter the recipients NSDAP membership number of "5-950-074". The typed script to the obverse of the card indicates the recipient was born on, "29.6.1908", and was an, "SS-Untersturmführer Beim Stab d. SS- Persoanlhauptamtes" or " SS Staff Headquarters". A small black and white photograph is glued to the front that is partially embossed with an office stamp. To the reverse, to the top of the card, in bold lettering are the words "Berechtigt zum Tragen einer Faustfeuerwaffe" or "Permitted to carry a handgun." Helmut Trepte was " Beförderungsdatum: 20.4.1939." with the card being issued from "Berlin, den 3.3.1941" or "Date of promotion: 20.4.1939" "Berlin, 3.3.1941". The reverse of the card also has a green postage style stamp with black printed script that indicates the card was valid for the first three months of 1941. The card shows usage and wear with creasing to the surface, as well as a vertical tear to the top edge. Of Note: As per the vendor, their father-in-law brought back this item as it was found in a vacant house where they spent the night.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $595.00

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