Very interesting Russian Shutzkorps example. Helmet retains a good portion of its original felgrau over paint. Interior and rivets have been painted in white. Hand paint insignia has been removed. Complete with original liner. The interior, left side, apron has the stamped manufacturer’s code and size,"ET64" indicating manufacture by Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 64.

Additional Info 1. Note from the consignor.

"My friend got this from his neighbor who was a volunteer in the SS at the very end of the warn George was a kuban Cossack who fought with the Germans against partisans in Yugoslavia. George was on a heavy machine gun and was severely wounded. Anyway, at the end of the war the German Cossack units, under the command of Von Pannwitz, promised to lay down their arms ONLY if they wouldn't be sent to Russia. The English negotiated this deal and agreed to the terms. Once the Cossacks surrendered, the English and some Americans began to send them back to Russia! George survived being sent back, actually he escaped but was beaten half to death by a GI with a rifle. After the war many of these former Russian/ Eastern Europeans that fought for the Germans and escaped ended up here in South Jersey. They set up a community in Buena Vista Township called "New Kuban." They built orthodox churches and generally were quite. They're all gone now. Anyway, the helmet came from George's neighbor who was in the SS at the end of the war. He said the guy was a yoguslav, maybe a Serb, and participated in handeling (liquidating) partisan prisoners. The helmet was field painted for SS and the original owner scrapped off the paint for the decals. Apparently no one could question any SS in the field , except other SS, so they pretty much acted with impunity."

Additional Info 2. Helmet also comes with a Kelly Hicks COA letter.

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