BACKGROUND: All German military personnel, including Waffen-SS, (Armed-SS), personnel were granted fourteen days furlough annually regardless of rank, position, or seniority and priority was usually given to front line service personnel and those married with children. The furlough policy was enacted to help maintain morale and was generally closely adhered to although certain wartime situations may have prevented its compliance. As a result of the furlough policy roughly 10% of the German armed forces were on furlough at any given time through-out the war. Generally the individual’s annual furlough was not taken all at once, but divided into sections to permit the soldiers to leave the front on more then one occasion during any given year to help relieve stress. Besides the basic annual furlough there were an additional four types of furloughs that granted soldiers time off for assorted circumstances that included illness or death in his immediate family, personal convalescents from illness or wounds, bomb damage to his home, time off for personnel with special, civilian, skills and even for successful athletes to compete in national sporting events. Furlough was granted by the unit Commander and an authorizing entry was entered in the individual Soldbuch and the proper documentation that included a Kriegsurlaubsschein, (War Furlough Certificate), were issued.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 14cm x 21.5cm light weight, blank document with the heading, "Kriegsurlaubsschein", (War Furlough Certificate), and, "Gültig für freie Urlaubreisen auf kleinen Fahrschein der Waffen-SS", (Valid for free furlough travel on a short distance ticket of the Armed-SS).

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