S012672 MESS HALL TABLE BANNER. (Kantine Eßtisch Fahne)

BACKGROUND: As with any nations military the Germans had garrisons and barracks to house and care for its troops when they were not in the field. Following the old adage that, "an army runs on its stomach", one of the major concerns and main benefits of military life was the guarantee of three "square" meals a day. When in garrison/barracks these meals were served in mess halls that had to be outfitted with enough cutlery and flatware to serve the number of personnel stationed there. This also applied to the Waffen-SS and control of the mess hall rations and supplies was under the auspices of the SS-WVHA, SS-Wirtschafts und Verwaltungs Hauptamt, (SS-Economic and Administration Department). Heinrich Himmler’s obsession with pagan runic symbolism manifested itself in runic emblems used by the SS, the most famous of which was the dual sig-runes used on the collar tabs, helmet decals and flags and banners of the SS. The dual sig-runes design was initiated by SS-Sturmhauptführer and graphic artist Walter Heck in May 1933, who sold his design to the SS for 2.50 Reichs Marks. With a deep understanding of pageantry and symbolism, and its propaganda and psychological effectiveness, the SS went to great lengths to reinforce their ideology to the general populace of Germany, with repetitive slogans and the omnipresent use of the flags and banners including the small mess hall table banners for use during formal functions.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 21cm tall, 14cm wide, black rayon construction table banner with silver printed SS runes to one side. The top edge of the banner is machine stitched around a roughly 19cm long, black painted, horizontal, wooden suspension dowel with wooden end pieces. The wooden dowel has a small hole drilled near each end with an inserted, twisted suspension rope intact. Both sides and the bottom edge of the banner have dual-ply machine stitched seams. The bottom edge of the banner also has the addition of roughly, 50mm long twisted white rayon fringes. Dutch production

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