N20754 HJ PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. (Postkarte) This 5 7/8" high by 4 1/8" wide black and white postcard is a picture of Hitler Youth. The artists name is written below in the right corner. It is unreadable because of the use of script, however, on the back the photographer, ‘Aufnahme’ states that it was Rudolf Fleisher. What is most interesting about this postcard is that it as gone through the postal service, however, it is not addressed to anyone nor does it have a handwritten message. Instead, on the left side where the person would normally write their message, there is a red ink stamp that states; We have the guidance in this solemn time to remain free friends. 21st September 1938. It does not have any indication as to where it was mailed from or where it was going. However, we have seen similar cards that were sent to the Germanic people of Czechoslovakia In accordance with the Munich agreement. It is a reminder to the Germanic people of Czechoslovakia that Germany is supportive of them. The only similarity between the two is the style of the card, same artists, and the same red stamp on the back. The postcard itself is in great condition with minor yellowing caused by age.

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