N20154 HJ/SA PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. (Postkarte) This black and white postcard is 3 5/8" high by 5 ½" wide. It is a birds eye view of one of the rallies at Nürnberg. At the bottom right corner, it states; Nürnberg. Zetlager der H.J. und der S.A. Meaning that it is the campsite of the Hitler Youth and "Sturmabteilung" (Storm-troops.) On the reverse, there is a removal stamp with Peter Henlein as the central figure, while on the besides it, there is a black ink stamp stating that the postcard was processed in Nürnberg. Peter Henlein was the inventor of the portable timepiece, where he discovered that a smaller spring on the interior would allow it to be more portable. He was a resident of Nürnberg. Thus his creation was known as the Nürnberg egg. Henlein died in 1542. The postcard is in excellent condition with minor yellowing caused by age.

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