N15953 DJ PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. (Postkarte) This black and white postcard is approximately 4" high and 6" wide. The writing on the right hand corner states; Wir Stehen Eisern. Which translates into; We stand strong. On top of the writing the, the artist name is written on the tope right corner, Sepp Frank. The drawing is of a medieval knight, in full armored attire, walking alongside a young man in casual dress holding a sword. On the reverse there is writing in the center. To paraphrase it states; Read and spread the weekly newspaper in the young folks of Germany. It is obviously trying to promote the Junge Front newspaper. Thus, the drawing is meant to exemplify by demonstrating that even historical figures are supporting this new form of government into the future, old with the new. The young man who appears to be a farmer is holding a sword, while the knight has the farmers tool in hand. The postcard as never been used and it remains in great condition. There is yellowing caused by age, otherwise, it is mint.

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