N11052 CASED RADIO MICROPHONE. (Mikrophon mit Gehäuse) A 6" x 3 1/4" x 4 1/4", grey painted wooden box for a grey painted aluminum microphone. The lid of the box has dual metal hinges screwed to its reverse and an ornate metal locking tab and stud to its forward face. Where the hinges have been painted the same color as the remainder of the box, the locking tab appears to have originally had a gilt wash, of which only traces presently remain. "D Mf c" is stenciled, in black, to the top of the lid. A sequence of partially discernable letters and numbers has been hand painted, in white, to the bottom of the box. "524," in red, is written underneath the aforementioned sequence. The interior lid of the box is padded and faced with red wool. Fitted into the body of the box is a panel with a depression formed to accommodate the microphone. It is faced in the same material as that to the interior lid. With this panel removed, two ink stamps reading "16. Mai 1944," an ink stamp of an eagle with a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons, "558" scratched out and "524" written beneath it, and "9.9.52" with indiscernible script alongside it, may be seen to the exposed wood. The microphone is 4" tall overall, with a maximum circumference of 8". Five concentric rings of perforations are to its upper surface, underneath of which is a screen. Its other end steps in where it has an unpainted threaded post with three connection prongs within it. A red dot and "9107A/15" is stamped beneath the threads, and "33" is stamped to the flat surface alongside the post. Light wear is evident to the paint, particularly to the upper surface of the microphone. The fabric to the interior depression of the box is worn to its edges. The exterior of the box has wear to its edges and light surface scratching.

GRADE ***3/4                             PRICE $117.00

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