N076076 NSKK CRASH HELMET. (Sturzhelm)

BACKGROUND: The NSKK was formally formed in April 1931, and adopted the crash helmet that had been worn by the Motor-SA units as early as 1928. The only modification to the helmet was the insignia used.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Molded, smooth, blackened leather helmet with raised, padded, protective bars running horizontally around the helmets bottom edge, and another one running from front to back over the crown top. Helmet has a single ventilation grommet to each side of crown. Front center of helmet has a large stamped zinc, 3rd pattern NSKK pattern stylized national eagle (adopted in 1939 with the scripted banner), clutching a wreath encompassed, black painted, embossed, canted swastika. Eagle is mounted on the vertical, raised padded bar and has had its wings bent back to fit the contours of the helmet. The attachment pin on the right wing of the eagle has let go, but the other side is still firmly in place. Helmet has a short blackened leather visor stitched to front and stitched on, extended, blackened, grained, leather, protective side and rear panels. Side panels each have a vertical half-moon shaped, ear cut-out with stitched on closure flaps. Reverse edges of closure flaps remain opened. Flaps were designed to protect the ears while still allowing for hearing. Side panels also have extended straps to bottoms which act as the chinstrap. Interior of helmet has a tan leather, nine finger liner. Liner is fully intact with all fingers and original tie string and leather is still fairly supple. Liner is size stamped, "59". Nicely double "Erel" marked. Shows the expected age and use.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $800.00

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