Olive/brown green wool/rayon blend construction, service tunic with a lay down, chocolate brown badge cloth collar. The tunic features a vertical, six button, front closure with a single metal hook and eye positioned at the forward neckline. The tunic has four, pleated, patch, front pockets with scalloped button down flaps. The obverse of the tunic has two, evenly spaced, vertical, tapering darts running from below the breast pockets, to the top edges of the hip pockets. The reverse of the tunic has a short, central, vertical tail skirt vent. The tunic has straight cut, non-adjustable, sleeve cuffs The tunic has no accommodations for belt support hooks. The tunic has sewn on shoulder straps in olive green wool with chocolate brown wool piping. The shoulder straps retaining buttons are intact. The tunic has a lay down, chocolate brown badge cloth construction collar with the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to the reverse. The collar features rectangular, black wool, collar tabs with a blank, left, rank collar tab and the silver washed, stamped alloy, Latin style, "Sp", cyphers to the right side, unit collar tab. The collar tabs are machine stitched to the collar and the "Sp", cyphers have a pebbled, background field and the retaining prongs are visible on the reverse of the collar. The shoulder straps and collar tabs would indicate the rank of, Sturmmann/Kraftfahrer, (Private/Motorist/Driver), with the "Sp", collar tab cypher indicating service with a Speer unit. The brown piping on the shoulder straps was not utilized by either the NSKK or any of the Speer transport units but was used by the OT indicating service with a propaganda unit.? The tunic has no other insignia or ant discernible evidence that any was ever applied. The interior of the tunic is partially lined in olive green rayon. The lining has a vertical, patch, field dressing pocket to the right, forward, tail skirt with a single button closure. All three of the collar liner attachment buttons are intact. The lining to the left breast panel is well marked with a black inkstamped, RB number and an additional, unknown numeral, "48". Of Note: The RB numbers, Reichs Betriebnummer, (National factory code numbers), were introduced in late 1942 and were intended to replace the manufacturer’s marks on garments and equipment to conceal the manufacture’s name and location from the allies, to prevent bombing raids on German industrial factories. The lower, left, front, has remnants of another, unknown, illegible, white inkstamped numeral. The tunic is in overall good condition with light age and usage toning, small spots of light nap wear and about a dozen small moth nips, primarily to the upper arms and back panels. The front closure, exterior pocket and shoulder strap buttons are all the bright, silver finished, pebbled alloy type and almost all of their silver finishes. The reverse of the buttons are all well marked with the matching, impressed script, "NSKK-Transportgruppe Todt". The collar liner and field dressing pocket buttons are the field-grey finished, alloy, dish type and all of the buttons appear to have their original stitching. The field blouse is roughly size 41", (104cm), chest. Also included are a nice quality, pair of olive green, wool/rayon blend construction, tapered, long pants with a slightly browner tinge the tunic and a subtle whipcord weave. The pants feature a vertical, three button, French fly with an additional two buttons and a metal hook and eye positioned on the horizontal waistband. The horizontal waistband has six, evenly spaced, \sect softlinesuspender attachment buttons and four, evenly spaced, vertical, belt loops. The pants have two, vertical, side seam, slash front pockets and a small, horizontal slash, watch pocket positioned on the bottom edge, of the right side waistband. The reverse of the pants have two, short, vertical, tapering darts and two horizontal, fit adjustment straps with a corresponding, black painted, opened rectangular, dual claw, magnetic sheet metal, buckle. The reverse of the pants have a small, inserted, "V" panel to the center and no pockets. The pants taper slightly inwards down to about mid-calf with a horizontal, machine stitched, cuff seam, with four, short, vertical, tapering darts. The cuffs each have a vertical, outside seam slash with an internal wind flap, with a horizontal, fit adjustment strap with a corresponding, gilt washed, opened rectangular, sliding bar, magnetic sheet metal buckle, to the top of each and five, vertical pair of stitched lace securing eyelets. The tie up laces are absent. The interior waistband lining and the internal pocket bags are all in white cotton. The waistband lining is well marked with the faint, mostly illegible, purple inkstamped manufacturer’s mark, with the location visible as, "Tours", an additional unknown purple numerical inkstamp, that appears to be, "796", and a faint, purple, "Org. Todt", inkstamp with an illegible location, within a rectangular border. The pants are in overall very good condition and don’t appear to have been worn although they show some light moth grazing areas resulting in numerous pinhead sized holes. The buttons are all the natural alloy dish type with impressed French script, ‘’Militaires Equipements", and all of the buttons appear to have their original stitching. The pants are roughly size, 36", (91.4cm), waist. Very seldom encountered NSKK/OT/Speer transport unit grouping in overall very good condition.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,309.00

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