Standard, "coffee-can" shaped, olive green, wool/tricot blend construction, NSKK service kepi with a pronounced whipcord weave, features side and back panels with a gently scalloped downward slope to the front center and narrow black wool ornamentation to the sides and back, with a larger section to the front positioned between the scalloped side and back panels and the top crown. The top edge of the scalloped side and back panels and the crown edge are piped in chocolate brown wool. The kepi has two, small, black painted, magnetic sheet metal ventilation grommets on either side positioned just below the crown edge. The front center of the kepi has a second pattern, NSKK eagle as introduced in April 1939 and worn until 1945. The right facing, machine woven, eagle features out-stretched wings and is clutching a wreathed, canted, swastika in it’s talons, positioned beneath a scripted banner, "NSKK", all in bright silver/aluminum flat wire threads, mounted on a cut-out, black wool base. The eagle is neatly handstitched to the cap. Just blow the eagle is a silver washed, magnetic sheet metal, ornamental, featuring an earlier, political style national eagle which features out-stretched, pointed-tipped, wings, clutching a wreathed, canted, swastika in it’s talons, superimposed on a wheel with eight embossed spokes and a pebbled background field. The eagle is secured to the cap by dual, bent over prongs that protrude into the interior. The kepi has a blackened, patent leather chinstrap with two, black painted, sliding, rectangular, sheet metal, length adjustment buckles and a central, rectangular, sheet metal, joining clip. The chinstrap is secured to the kepi by two, small, black painted, smooth finish, magnetic sheet metal buttons. The kepi has an extended, forward, ribbed olive green, wool/tricot cover visor with an internal stiffener, two rows of reinforcement stitching to both the top and bottom of the forward edge and a subtly raised lip to the bottom of the forward edge. The interior of the kepi has an all, around, orangish/tan, pressed cardboard stiffener to the side panels, an inserted wire stiffener to the outer crown edge and the interior crown is lined in orangish/tan oilcloth and has a clear, celluloid, rhomboid sweat shield fully intact. The rhomboid sweat shield is well marked with gilt printed script that includes, "NS Bedarf", (National Socialist Requirements), a logo consisting of a large "A" , superimposed with a stylized letter "f" that looks like a Wolfsangel, encompassed within a circular border, and, "f. Assmann Gegr. als NS. Wirtschaftsausschuß 1927, (f. Assmann founded as a National Socialist Economic Committee in 1927), and the address with three locations, "Berlin W35 Lützowstr. 20, Postdamerstr. 67", and," B1 Kurfürst 1195-14-60". The interior of the kepi also has a narrow, tan leather, sweatband fully intact. The pressed cardboard stiffener has a handwritten name, beneath the forward sweatband, "H. Ernst". The kepi is in overall good condition with light age and usage toning and about a half dozen small rips and tears that appear to have glued, patch repairs. The kepi has no visible size markings but is roughly a size 56 1/2, with an inside diameter of roughly, 22 1/4", (56 1/2cm).

GRADE ****3/4                             PRICE $1,050.00

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