N071778 NSDAP PODIUM BANNER. (Politische Fahne)

BACKGROUND: With a deep understanding of pageantry and symbolism, and its propaganda and psychological effectiveness, the NSDAP went to great lengths to reinforce their political party to the general populace of Germany, with repetitious slogans and the omnipresence use of the swastika. Swastika adorned flags, banners, and pennants were utilized at every opportunity and podium banners were certainly no exception. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This example is a 112cm x 130cm long (not including the fringe), single sided, multi-piece, cotton and gilt wire construction podium banner. Banner features a red cotton base field with a large canted swastika of gilt wire that measures approximately 65cm x 63cm. The central design is encompassed by a 40cm wide gilt wire that extends 4.5cm from each edge. The bottom of the banner is trimmed in 3cm long twisted gold wire fringe. To the top of the banner is a 5cm wide tunnel loop for a suspension rod or rope. The banner shows some wear with holes the cotton background, as well as some tearing to the gilt wire designs.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $699.00

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