N065976 RAD SUBORDINATES HEWER. (Unterführer Haumesser des RAD)

BACKGROUND: Introduced in August 1934 for wear by ranks of Truppführer, (Corporal), and above in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst, (National Labor Service). In 1937 a Leader’s dagger was introduced and the hewer was only worn by RAD Unterführen (EM/NCO’s).

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Broad, 24.5cm long, drop forged steel, nickel/silver plated Bowie style blade with narrow fuller and false edge. Blade shows moderate scabbard runners, and sharpening. Obverse blade features the acid etched RAD motto, "Arbeit adelt", (Work Ennobles), in Gothic script. Reverse ricasso is well marked with acid etched "RADJ" inspection mark in an inverted triangle above script, "Ges. Gesch.", indicating Gesetzlich Geschützt, (Protected by Law), and manufacturers name and logo. Logo features dual vertical ovals encompassing a stylized crown and "K", with manufacturers name, "Carl Jul. Krebs Solingen", in between the dual ovals. Nickel/silver plated single cross guard, bolster, and pommel all intact with the pommel being in the form of a stylized eagle’s head. Natural stag grips held in place by two countersunk screw headed bolts. Magnetic sheet metal scabbard (scabbard finish is worn) has nickel/silver plated fittings to both top and bottom. Top fitting features an ornate, impressed Celtic style swirl pattern with horizontal ribbing and downward pointed tip. Top fitting also has an extended vertical bar for the hewer hangers. Bottom fitting features an impressed RAD emblem of a spade head with canted swastika flanked by sheaf's of wheat. Spade head has a horizontal ribbed background field and fitting has an upward pointed tip. Shows the expected age and use. Nice unit marking "Bn 135".

GRADE ****                                                 PRICE $835.00

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