N059179 SA EM/NCO'S SERVICE KEPI. (SA-Dienstmütze)

BACKGROUND: The SA, "Sturmabteilung" (Storm-troops), were originally formed in August of 1921 as a protective guard unit for the political leaders of the fledgling NSDAP, "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" (National-socialist German Worker’s-party). As with the Nazi party, the SA was structured along para-military lines. Most of its recruits were from the ranks of the various "Freikorps" groups of the day, composed mainly of disgruntled ex-soldiers, and they were first utilized at a Nazi party meeting in Munich in November of 1921. Originally, members of the SA had no official headgear, and most wore a grey, Austrian-style ski cap until the introduction of the soft kepi in 1924. It was modified in 1929, taking, effectively, its final "coffee can" form. After 1933, the colored tops which had hitherto been reserved for SA leaders were extended to all ranks.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A tan cotton twill kepi with a flat crown, semi-stiff sides and visor. There are two ventilation just below the crown edge to either side with one grommet missing to each side. Nice original 1927 pattern eagle and gilt button. Stitching is missing from the button and it is now held in place with a straight pin. Original chinstrap and buttons are complete. The kepi’s short, stiff visor is covered in tan cotton twill. The interior crown is lined in brown oilcloth. Complete alkor sweatband. Roughly a size 56.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $850.00

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