BACKGROUND: The "Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft" (National Socialist Womenís-organization) was formed by absorbing the earlier "Deutsches Frauenwerk" (German Womenís-welfare-organization), and the "Deutscher Frauenorden" (German Womenís-order), into a single national organization. The first pattern Frauenschaft memberís badge followed the design of the earlier "Deutscher Frauenorden" badge, as introduced in the mid-1920s, with minor variations. The colored borders of the badge indicated the command level of its bearer, with golden-yellow for "Reich" level, red for "Gau" (provincial) level, black for "Kreis" (district) level, and blue for the local level. The addition of wide silver borders beyond the colors indicated that the bearer was a leader within their respective level.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: An alloy and enamel badge in the form of an inverted triangle, 28mm wide along its top edge and 31mm tall. "Nat Soz Frauenschaft" is to the white band to the top of the obverse, underneath of which is a white cross against a black background. To the center of the cross is a red, static swastika, and "G" is to its left arm, "H" to its right, and "L" to its base. These letters signify the Frauenschaft motto, "Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe" (Faith, Hope, Love). All of the letters, and the edges of the swastika, cross, and the badge itself, are in the same silver color as its alloy base. A blue band is along the edges of the obverse, indicating that it was worn by a staff member at the local level. To its reverse is crimped a horizontal pin-back device. Maker marked RZM "46" for Alfred Stubbe, Berlin.

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