BACKGROUND: Originally instituted in January of 1932, the NSFK, "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps" (National-socialist Flying-corps), was soon absorbed into the DLV, "Deutscher Luftsport Verband" (German Air-sports Association). In April of 1937 the NSFK was re-established, and, at the same time, the DLV was disbanded. The NSFK was mainly a voluntary organization, with a small cadre of paid personnel, whose mandate was to train its members in the flying of powered aircraft, gliders, and balloons.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A cotton rayon, multi-piece construction pennant, 15" across with a 8" tall hoist edge. Pennant features a machine woven winged Icarus and mobile swastika to its center, with "NSFK" stamped above and an "F" to the center of a spray of oak-leaves stamped below. The outstretched wings of the central figure extend beyond the confines of the circle. The "F" to its base signifies "Förderer" (Sponsor), indicating that this was given to German nationals who made a monthly contribution to the organization. The end of the pennant is reinforced with multiple rows of stitching, and its hoist edge has a 3/4" wide tunnel loop sewn to it. A metal spring clip protrudes from the top of the tunnel loop, and the end of the cord protrudes 14cm from the other end. Very nice untouched example and hard to find. Nice!

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