BACKGROUND: Brown was to become the official color of the NSDAP and SA by circumstance rather than design. A large stockpile of discounted, surplus WWI tropical brown shirts and fabric, intended for wear in East Africa, were located in Austria in 1924 and purchased by the Nazis as a temporary measure to bring uniformity of dress to their party members. In November of 1926 the brown shirt was officially introduced, and retained, as the basic uniform item for the NSDAP and SA, and was eventually adopted by other political organizations such as the HJ, DAF, and the NSKK.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tan/brown cotton, long-sleeved, three-quarter-length pull-over shirt. Comes with removable collar (scarce to see). One of the button intended to hold the collar in place is now missing. Its fold-back French cuffs have dual button closures to either side, for removable buttons or links. Multiple pleats are above each of these cuffs. Approximately a size 42 chest". Comes with original paper RZM tag still attached. Mint and nice!     (Ex Philippe Gillain Collection)

GRADE ****3/4                                                 PRICE $495.00

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