N046876 NSFK KEPI EAGLE. (Mützenhoheitsabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: Originally instituted in January of 1932, the NSFK, "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps" (National-socialist Flying-corps), was soon absorbed into the DLV, "Deutscher Luftsport Verband" (German Air-sports Association). In April of 1937 the NSFK was re-established, and, at the same time, the DLV was disbanded. The NSFK was mainly a voluntary organization, with a small cadre of paid personnel, whose mandate was to train its members in the flying of powered aircraft, gliders, and balloons. As it was not an affiliate of the Nazi party, its uniforms were not regulated by the RZM.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A third pattern, stamped aluminum eagle, whose 65mm wide, out-stretched wings are subtly upswept, and which clutches a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons. The hollow reverse of the eagle has all three of its original attachment prongs intact. Super nice.

GRADE ****3/4                                                 PRICE $150.00

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