N043280 BDM MÄDELGRUPPE PENNANT. (Mädelgruppenwimpel)

BACKGROUND: The BDM, Bund Deutscher Mädel, (League of German Girls), was the female version of the Hitler Jugend and may trace its origins back to 1927. The first female group established in 1927 evolved into the BDM by July 1930 and in July 1932 it gained equal political status with the HJ. The BDM was structured in the same manner as the HJ with different unit designations. The BDM Mädelgruppe was equivalent in size to the HJ Gefolgschaft, and would consist roughly of 150 personnel.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 54cm x 98cm triangular, double sided, multi-piece cotton construction pennant as introduced in September 1934. Pennant feature a red base field with a machine stitched central white horizontal stripe, with a white diamond and canted black swastika positioned to the center near the hoist edge. Upper right hoist corner, (canton), has hand embroidered, chain stitched numerical unit designation of an, "42" over "59", signifying Mädelgruppe 42, Untergau 59. Hoist edge has two of the original three small friction suspension clips intact. Shows the expected age and period use.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $595.00

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