N043177 HJ WINTER PANTS. (Keilhose)

BACKGROUND: Physical fitness was a primary concern to the Hitler Youth and as a result Reichsjugendführer, (National Youth Leader), Baldur von Schirach instituted the HJ Proficiency Badge in June 1934 as an incentive for HJ members to increase their proficiency in military oriented athletics, academics, field exercises, and shooting. Beginning in the summer of 1934 the NSDAP sponsored an annual Jugendfest, (Youth {Sports} Festival), for all German youth to find the best team or individual who achieved an above average score in three sports contests. As early as October 1933 the appropriate sports uniforms were developed for these specific sporting activities. One of the sports uniforms introduced was the winter ski uniform that included the tapered "keilhose", pants as an optional item of wear. Originally the ski uniform was only permitted for wear from October 15TH to April 15TH annually but after the outbreak of the war it could be worn at any time.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Loosely woven, deep navy blue, wool/rayon blend construction "keilhose" style pants feature a four button French fly (one replaced) with an hook situated on the waistband. Pants have been period resized to make them a bit larger by adding a small section of material to the back seam. All buttons looks to be original stitching. Unmarked. The pants are roughly size 34" waist.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $150.00

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