BACKGROUND: One of the NSDAP’s most ambitious, and successful, projects was the elimination of the overwhelming unemployment suffered in Germany following WWI. To achieve this goal a national labor registration law was enacted on February 26TH 1935, and the Arbeitsbuch, (Employment Book), was instituted, as a record of an individuals employment history. With the occupation of assorted European countries and the influx of foreign non-German nationals into Germany the Germans introduced a specific, Arbeitsbuch für Ausländer, (Employment Book for Foreigners), in 1943.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Thirty-six page book, with a mid-weight, teal green card stock cover with a grey printed, NSDAP style national eagle with out-stretched wings and Latin script, "Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch für Ausländer", (German National Employment Book for Foreigners), to the obverse. The second interior page has a dual inkstamped photo of the recipient, "Stefan Bochonko" stapled in place. Included is a "Arbeitskarte" He was from Ukrain, who was a P.O.W. sent to wrok at "Reichswerke "Hermann Goring" Schachtanlage Oehringen-Sotfeld Gleiwitz-Oehringen" There is a large contrast between the picture in the Arbeitsbuch and the Arbeitskarte. He began work at the Bergnerksvernvaltung Obenschlesien (Mining of Upper Silesia) der Reichswerke "Hermann Goring where he performed "Stinkohlenbergwerk" or coal work beginning "11.2.42". He was employed as a "Lehrhäuer" or "Mining Apprentice". The Arbeitskarte references the "Arbeitsbuch Nr. A 18/003821". Worthy of further research.

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