N035880 DJ/HJ "LANDSKNECHT" DRUM. (Trommel)

BACKGROUND: Every Hitler Youth "Bann" (Regiment) had a band, and every "Stamm" (Battalion) a fife and drum corps. Two types of drum were used, the large "Landsknecht" and a smaller, military-style side drum. The larger drum employed a flame pattern along its sides, in red and white for the "Hitler Jugend," or black and white for the "Deutsches Jugend."

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Iconic, HJ/DJ double-headed drum, each of whose skins are 38cm in diameter, each crimped by 4cm tall wooden bands, with the two heads separated by an 60cm tall wooden body, for an overall height of 60cm. The bands are both painted black with a body that features black "flames" against a white background. Eight, equidistantly-spaced perforations are to the top band, through each of which passes a rope which doubles back on itself, is cinched by a leather collar as it descends, where its two ends then separate and pass through perforations to the bottom band, each of them then proceeding upwards through the next collars and unto the next perforations to the upper band, where the sequence is repeated. Adjusting the leather collars adjusts the tension of the heads. The original attachment rings are affixed to one side to allow for the attachment of the carrying strap (which is not included). Shows the expected period use and wear but overall nice condition. Note; there where 3 SIZES AVAILABLE. 54cm, 60cm and 70cm. The 60cm and 70cm models where only issued to taller boys and are scarce.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $2,699.00

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