N034181 CASED NSDAP TEN YEAR LONG SERVICE AWARD. (Dienstauszeichnungen der NSDAP)

BACKGROUND: The NSDAP Long Service Awards were instituted in three classes on April 2ND 1939 for award to long serving party members. Requirements for bestowal consisted of an unbroken, unblemished period of time served in any of the various NSDAP Party formations. Time served between February 1925 and January 1933 during the "Kampfzeit", (Time of Struggle), counted as double in recognition of the Old Guard. The distinction of the three classes was time served with the first class awarded for twenty-five years service, fifteen years service for the second class, and ten years service for the third class.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Third class, two piece, die struck award in bronze wash in the form of a cross Pattée with a central circular centerpiece and sun burst patterned rays extending out between the arms of the cross. The separate, obverse centerpiece features an embossed national eagle encompassed by an oak-leaf wreath on a slightly pebbled background field. The reverse centerpiece features embossed Gothic script, "Treue für Führer und Volk", (Loyalty to Leader and People), also encompassed by an oak-leaf wreath on a slightly pebbled background field. The arms of the cross feature smooth, dual stepped, outer borders with an embossed ribbed inner border and slightly pebbled fields. The ribbon ring and suspension loop are both intact. The award comes complete with a piece of original brown ribbed rayon moire ribbon with two white outer edge stripes. The award is housed in a 9cm x 5cm x 1.5cm, brown simulated leather cardboard case, with a NSDAP eagle embossed in gold to its top. The interior has a slotted retaining cross bar to its base to hold the award in place. Case is nicely marked M1/142 for Josef Hillebrand, Gablonz am N. Nice!

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $395.00

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