This particular document grouping belongs to "Anton Parbel". The Wehrpass, dated for November 23, 1939, who was approved for service in "Koblenz I" was never called up or conscripted due to the vital work being performed at the railway. Other pieces of documentation include "Carte d’idenfite" or Identification Card for the "Zone occupied by the French Army" that is dated for 1923, as well as a pair of membership cards, whom he was a member of the Railway Civil Servants and Bicyclist dated for 1937 and 1946. A pair of typewritten letters from the NSDAP that summons Anton Parbel to contact them (1938), while the second letter states their disapproval that his wife did not join "Deutschen Frauenwerk" (1939). Other documents include six documents recording his career which began in 1922 when he was, due to his seniority, promoted to "Lokeizer" as per his wishes, in 1938 he was a temporary Locomotive Fireman, and was promoted to "Reservelokomotivführer" in January 1943. There are also forms and ID’s post war dated 1947, 1955 and 1971 (retirement document). The last items of this grouping are five telegraphs.

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