BACKGROUND: The "Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft" (National Socialist Womenís-organization) was formed by absorbing the earlier "Deutsches Frauenwerk" (German Womenís-welfare-organization), and the "Deutscher Frauenorden" (German Womenís-order), into a single national organization. The first pattern Frauenschaft memberís badge followed the design of the earlier "Deutscher Frauenorden" badge as introduced in the mid-1920s, with minor variations. In 1938 the first pattern badge was replaced with a modified second pattern memberís badge, which followed the design of the earlier "Deutsches Frauenwerk" badge. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The alloy badge takes the form of a 30mm tall inverted triangle with a 29mm wide top edge. It features a black enameled central field, edged in silver, upon which is a silver mobile sunwheel swastika above a silver "Leben-rune" (Life-rune). The top silvered edge of the badge is wider than the sides and features the red enameled Gothic script "NS.- Frauenschaft." To the reverse, to either side of its crimped and soldered vertical pin-back device, is an embossed RZM logo and "M1/102," for Frank & Reif, Stuttgart.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $43.00

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