N028780 DJ MEMBERSHIP BADGE. (DJ Mitglied Abzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The DJ, Deutsche Jungvolk, (German Youth), originated in Vienna Austria in 1929, and was eventually to become the young branch of the HJ, for boys from 10 to 14 years old. The sigrune first became associated with the DJ on November 9TH 1929, the sixth anniversary of the failed Beer Hall Putsch, when the Gauleiter of Vienna presented them with their first official flag, consisting of a black field with a central silver sigrune. The sigrune was adopted as the official emblem of the DJ and was utilized on a variety of flags, belt buckles and assorted insignia. Originally DJ personnel wore a circular membership badge with a sigrune on the left breast pocket of the brown shirt. This first pattern badge was replaced by a slightly modified second pattern badge although both were worn concurrently. The first pattern badge featured the initials, "D J V", indicating Deutsche Jungvolk, while the second pattern badge eliminated the "V". With the introduction of the HJ diamond membership badge in early 1933 the earlier DJ membership badges were discontinued. Personnel who had acquired the earlier DJ badge continued to wear it after the introduction of the HJ diamond as a commemorative "traditions" badge to indicate their status as an "Old Fighter". On June 23RD 1934 Reichsjugendführer Baldur von Schirach introduced the HJ Golden Honor Badge as a "traditions", badge to indicate HJ/DJ service prior to October 2ND 1932 and wear of the DJ badges as a "traditions" badge was discontinued.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Early, second pattern DJ membership badge. The roughly 20mm diameter, die struck alloy badge with dual colored enamel work. The badge features a central sigrune on a translucent red enamel circular field with the typical, underlying pebbled field. The sigrune is encompassed by "arms", emanating outwards in all four directions on a black enameled field. The sigrune is also flanked by the initials, "DJ". Complete with original pin back device. Maker marked to "REDO".

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