N025080 HJ MARCHING DRUM. (Marschtrommel)

BACKGROUND: Every Hitler Youth "Bann" (Regiment) had a band, and every "Stamm" (Battalion) a fife and drum corps. Two types of drum were used, the large "Landesknecht" and a smaller, military-style side drum. The latter employed a diamond pattern along its wooden upper and lower edges, in red and white for the "Hitler Jugend," or black and white for the "Deutsches Jugend." It would have been suspended from the belt by a drum hanger, held away from the body by its wire thigh brace, and played with drum sticks which would usually have been painted black, and otherwise held in a leather frog hung from the belt.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 38cm diameter drum, with skins to either face, separated by a 16.5cm tall brass surround with upper and lower wooden bands. The thigh brace is riveted to the lower band beneath where the drum hanger would be fitted. Five right-angle metal brackets are equidistantly riveted along both the upper and lower bands, with threaded metal posts fed between them. These control the tightening of both the upper and lower skins. One of the skins is a modern replacement, while the other may be an original. Original snare wire is present (one of the springs is broken off). Comes with a brown leather shoulder strap. Shows the expected age, period use and wear.

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