BACKGROUND: As a result of the rapid expansion of the HJ there was a lack of trained personnel to fill the required leadership positions. To counter this problem Deputy HJ Leader Hartmann Lauterbacher instituted the "Leo Schlageter Schule" in Fletchtorf in 1932. In 1933 the school was re-designated Reichsführerschule, (National Leadership School), and was relocated in Potsdam. The schools mandate was to train future HJ Leaders with an eight week course divided into eight specific categories including; field exercises, small arms shooting, service training and political indoctrination. Following the establishment of the Reichsführerschule additional Gebeitsführerschulen, (District Leadership Schools), were instituted which provide a shortened version of the Reichsführerschule training courses to three weeks duration. By 1934 there were twenty-two such Gebeitsführerschulen, and by the end of the war there were forty. During the war the courses at the Gebeitsführerschulen were shortened to two weeks duration and were geared even more to basic military training to replenish the losses of the Armed forces. Students wore a variety of DJ/HJ uniforms and headgear.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Superb NPEA leaders dagger. Nice quailty walnut grip with a nice snug fit to the crossguard. Nickle/silver eagle and crossguards. Numbered to the back of the crossguard "N67". Very nice blade etched with "Mehr Sein als Scheinen" or (Be more than You Appear). Maker marked to Karl Burgsmüller. Original washer is still intact. Olive green painted scabbard retains the majority of its original finish. The chain is original to the dagger, and is in overall excellent condition, with the hook release. Rare NPEA dagger. Obtained and brought back by a US Army officer in 1945.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $11,900.00

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