N023578 DAF/WERKSCHAR SLEEVE DIAMOND. (DAF ─rmelabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: With the dissolution of all Free Trade Unions in Germany in May 1933 the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, (German Labor Front), was established to replace the unions and to educate the workers in industry and commerce for smooth and efficient operation of all labor in the Third Reich. In October 1934 the DAF was given official status as a sub-section of the NSDAP and in March 1936 it was recognized as an independent NSDAP affiliated association and granted control of its own monetary budget. Instituted in 1936, the DAF sleeve diamond was only worn by Amtwalter (office holder). Was to be positioned on the upper left sleeve of the tunic.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 42mm x 42mm rhomboid black wool base over a buckram backing. Affixed to the front is the typical DAF fourteen tooth cog wheel encompassing a canted swastika. Reverse is complete with its original paper RZM tag. Hard insignia to find. Superb condition.

GRADE ****3/4                             PRICE $169.00

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