N023277 DAF EXEMPLARY FACTORY FLAG. (DAF Musterbetriebsfahne)

BACKGROUND: The Deutsche Arbeitsfront, (German Labour Front), originally founded in 1933, became an official NSDAP organization in October 1934. Its stated purpose was to educate the workers in industry and commerce for smooth and efficient operation of all labour in the Third Reich. The structure of the DAF was basically the same as the NSDAP with different political levels of organization. Due to the diversification in labour the DAF was divided into sub-sections for specific trades and/or professions and it also controlled the Kdf, Kraft durch Freude, (Strength through Joy), organization which provided recreation for workers. However the DAF’s most important goal was to enforce the political stability of the large mass of the work force. The first DAF flags were originally introduced in June 1934 and remained in use through-out the war with minor modifications. On August 29TH 1936 Hitler announced an annual national competition for factories and businesses to compete for award of the newly established DAF Exemplary Factory flag. Criteria for award of the flag consisted of maintaining social order within the factory, raising productivity and living standards, observing the NSDAP’s policies on marriage and family life and obtaining goals as laid out in the four year economic plan. Award of the flag was accompanied by a scripted plaque to be displayed at the winning factory/business, an award document and award of the DAF Golden Honor Pin to the factory/business leader. The awarded flag was of high quality silk and was only intended for indoor use although winning factories/businesses had the right to purchase larger flags to display outside.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Large, dual side, multi-piece, printed, wool bunting construction flag is roughly 82" x 106". Flag features a red base field with a central, fourteen toothed, golden yellow DAF cogwheel emblem with narrow inner and outer border trim encompassing a white circular field with central black canted swastika with black and white outer borders. All four outer edges of the flag have a golden yellow trim stripe. Fly edge has six rows pf parallel reinforcement stitching. Hoist edge has a tunnel looped suspension rope with small loop at top corner. The flag shows moderate/heavy usage and wear with what appears to be white paint splatter, water damage and holes to the surface. Scarce flag. Of Note: 84,000 factories/businesses participated in the first Exemplary Factory flag competition held in 1937 with only 103 flags being awarded. Also Of Note: At the outbreak of war in September 1939 the competition for the Exemplary Factory flag was discontinued. In 1941 however it was reestablished as the War Exemplary Factory contest and the flag was altered by the addition of a facsimile of the War Merit Cross 1ST class without swords.

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