Railway Leader 1st Model (1935) dagger. 26cm long, nickel/silver plated, stiletto style blade with a flat central ridge. Blade is overall still quite clean and bright with the original cross-graining still visible. Reverse ricasso is well marked with deeply acid etched manufacturers logo of a medieval style helmet and script, "WKC Solingen", indicating manufacture by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Waffenfabrik Solingen-Wald. Tan leather washer is still intact. Cast alloy, nickel/silver plated, crossguard, ferrule, and pommel. Obverse crossguard features the embossed army eagle with outstretched wings with a plain reverse. Ferrule and pommel both feature embossed repeating oak-leaf patterns. Black celluloid grip with correct diagonally angled ribbing. Magnetic, sheet metal, nickel/silver plated scabbard with random pebbled pattern to obverse and reverse and smooth sides. Both, sweated, scabbard bands with suspension rings intact. Scabbard bands feature a repeating, embossed oak-leaf pattern. Throat retaining screws are intact. Dagger comes with woven silver/aluminum pattern Portepee, tied in the correct manner as directed in 1935. The bottom of the Portepee has Inset black felt (See Photo below). The consignor reports that he purchased this dagger and about 50 the items from a former Reichband officer in 1978. 

GRADE ****1/2                         PRICE $2,000.00

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