N018575 NSDAP MEMBERS GOLDEN PARTY BADGE. (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen)

BACKGROUND: The NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Worker’s Party), Golden Party badge was instituted by Adolf Hitler on October 13TH 1933 to reward those NSDAP members who had served the party continuously from February 27TH 1925, and held a party membership number of 100,000, or below. The originally bestowal of the badges was on November 9TH 1933, and further regulations dictated that Hitler held the right to render the award to personnel who had provided exemplary service to the NSDAP or Greater Germany. These secondary awards were bestowed annually on January 30TH and differ slightly from the original badges. The difference in the original issue badges and the secondary issue was that the original issues had the members NSDAP party number engraved on the reverse while the secondary, January 30TH issued badges had Hitler’s initials and the exact date of the award engraved to the reverse. The badge was awarded in two sizes with a small, 1", (25mm), diameter badge for wear on civilian clothing and a larger, 1 1/4", (30.5mm), badge for wear on political or military uniforms. The introductory regulations stated that the recipient must have continuous, unbroken service with the party and on leaving the party the badge could no longer be worn. The regulations also stipulated that on the death of the recipient the family may keep the badge as a memento. Of Note: Due to the "continuous" service clause in the award criteria, anyone who’s service time had been interrupted were ineligible for award of the badge. As a result of this criteria it is estimated that only about 24,000 badges were awarded out of the possible 100,000.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This example is an original issue, larger version with the NSDAP members number on the reverse. The roughly, 30.5mm" diameter, die struck, brass alloy construction badge features three color enamel work and a bright fire gilted finish. The badge features a slightly recessed, fire gilted, embossed, outer oak-leaf wreath encompassing a fine white enameled inner border stripe which encircles a semi-translucent red, circular inner border with inset block Latin script, "National-Sozialistiche-D.A.P.", encompassing a white enameled central field with a canted, black enameled swastika. The fire gilted finish to the outside oak-leaf wreath is retained about 95% with minor age dulling. The solid reverse of the badge is well marked with the impressed script, "Ges. Gesch.", indicating, Gesetzlich Geschützt, (Protected by Law) and the recipients stamped NSDAP party member number, "25507". Nicely Deschler marked. Pin complete. Shows the expected age, period use and wear.

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