N011565 NSV MEMBER'S LAPEL PIN. (NSV Mitglied Aufschlagnadel)

BACKGROUND: The NSV, National Sozialistische Volkswohlfahrt, (National Socialist People’s Welfare Organization), was an NSDAP affiliated organization formed in May 1933 from personnel of the preceding DVD. Deutscher Volkswohl Dienst, (German Social Welfare Service), instituted by Otto von Bismarck. The NSV was responsible for a wide range of Social services including the WHW, Winter Hilf Werk, (Winter Assistance Work), and worked closely with the DRK, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, (German Red Cross).

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 17mm diameter, die struck alloy, NSV member’s lapel pin. The lapel pin features a fine raised outer edge encompassing, embossed, stylized, overlapping initials, "NSV", with the "N" stylized like a wolfsangle and the "SV", imitating the Leben-rune, (Life rune), on a smooth background field. The reverse of the pin is well marked with embossed script, "Ges. Gesch., indicating, Gesetzlich Geschützt (Protected by Law), and the RZM logo with numerical code, "76". The reverse also has a vertical 50mm rifled stickpin soldered in place.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $37.00

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