N011477 EMPLOYMENT RECORD BOOK "1st Pattern". (Arbeitsbuch)

BACKGROUND: One of the NSDAP’s most ambitious, and successful, projects was the elimination of the overwhelming unemployment suffered in Germany following WWI. To achieve this goal, a national labor registration law was enacted in February of 1935, and the "Arbeitsbuch" (Labor-book) was instituted, as a record of an individual’s employment history. The "Arbeitsbuch" underwent three minor modifications during the Third Reich, with the first pattern book issued in 1935, a second pattern in 1939, and a third pattern in 1942.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A first pattern, 10.5cm x 15cm, 32 page employment record booklet which features, to its brown and grey cardstock cover, "Deutches Reich" above and "Arbeitsbuch" beneath a stylized eagle. Swastikas may be seen to each of the four corners. To the first page, entitled "Arbeitsbuch (Gesetz vom 26. Februar 1935, RGBl. I S. 311)," is the book’s number and the individual’s name and signature. The second page details the individual’s personal information. The third page, entitled "Berufsausbildung" (Vocational-development), outlines their professional training and the fourth page, entitled "Bisherige Beschäftigungsarten von längerer Dauer" (Hitherto Employments of long Duration), their work history prior to that recorded in this book. To the fifth page is the issuing authority’s stamps and signature, in this case from the "Arbeitsamt" (Labor-office) in "Flensburg". The following twenty-four pages chronicle the individual’s work history. A few handwritten entries and official stamps.

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