A large, 65cm x 79cm, black press board construction sign with triangular sheet metal reinforcement panels to each corner and red and white printed Gothic script. The sign is divided into four separate panels by horizontal red lines. The top panel features a white, spread-winged eagle with a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons, flanked "Hier spricht" and "die NSDAP" (Here speaks the NSDAP), in red. "Nationalsozialistische" and "Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" similarly flanks the eagle and swastika, underneath and smaller than the aforementioned, but also in red Gothic script. The second panel has "Volksgenossen!," "Braucht Ihr," "Rat und Hilfe," and "so wendet Euch an die NSDAP" (Fellow-countrymen! Use You Counsel and Help so turn You to the NSDAP), in white, to it. The third panel has, in white and to its left, "Geschäfts=stellen:" (Business=place). Blank spaces follow each of the aforementioned, for the speaker’s names and the times of their oratory. The fourth panel has the red title "Mitteilungen" (Messages) immediately beneath which is, in white, "NSDAP:," "NS.-Frauenschaft:," NSV:," and "DAF.-KdF:" above three vertical divisions. To the bottom of the sign, in small print, may be seen "Die Mißbräuchliche Benutzung dieser Tafel wird Strafrechtlich verfolgt." (The Improper Use [of] this Board will-result [in] Criminal prosecution). The reverse of the sign has a natural wood spacer three of the four corners to lift the sign out from the wall. The reverse of the sign has a glued on sheet of paper with black and red printed Gothic script. The sheet of paper is headed, "Behandlungsvorschrift für die Haustafel", (Handling directions for the House board), followed by detailed regulations for use and maintenance of the board including cleaning instructions, "mit reinem Benzin oder reinem Terpentin", (clean with gasoline or turpentine). The board has seen some water damage causing the board to have a convex bend, as well as some one corner showing some bending. The edges, as well as the metal corners shows moderate/heavy usage and wear.

GRADE *** 3/4                             PRICE $199.00

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