N009068 SOCIAL WELFARE MINIATURE MEDAL. (Medialle für Deutsche Volkspflege mit Kleine Ordensband Schleife)

BACKGROUND: On May 1ST 1939, Hitler introduced a series of four Social Welfare awards to replace the earlier DRK, Deutsche Rote Kreuz, (German Red Cross) awards. The earlier DRK awards only recognized loyal service in the DRK while the new Social Welfare awards recognized a wider scope of social welfare service. The new Social Welfare awards could be bestowed to all personnel who actively participated in Social Welfare assistance programs including the DRK, the WHW, Winterhilf Werk, (Winter Relief Program), personnel involved with the care of the sick and wounded, live saving services, excluding Fire and Police personnel and care of German nationals in foreign countries. In December 1939 amendments of the introductory order decreed that the bestowal of the Social Welfare awards to military personnel follow a specific rank level structure with the first class award reserved for General ranks, the second class award for the ranks of Oberst and Oberstleutnant, the third class award for the ranks of Major and Hauptmann and the fourth class for award to the ranks of Leutnant or below. Further amendments of January 30TH 1942 introduced crossed swords cypher for the third and fourth class awards for distinguished service or bravery in wartime.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Fourth class, die struck alloy award with a nickel/silver plated finish. Roughly 16mm diameter, circular, award features the embossed Social Welfare emblem of a Greek style cross with slightly textured arms with a stylized national eagle with down-swept wings superimposed to the center on a plain background field to the obverse. The reverse of the award features embossed Gothic script on a plain background field, "Medaille für Deutsche Volkspflege", (Medal for German Social Welfare). The medal comes complete with an original piece of ribbed rayon ribbon which is tied into an ornate bow. Pin back device is complete.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $115.00

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