BACKGROUND: "During the November Revolution in Berlin in the first months after the war, Lieutenant Marloh was commissioned by Colonel Wilhelm Reinhard to prevent an appeal for wages from the republican People's Navy Division, which was in the process of being dissolved, in the wake of the order to shoot by Reichswehr Minister Gustav Noske (SPD) on March 9, 1919 . The stipulation was "to make extensive use of the weapon". Marloh then selected every tenth of the soldiers who came together to be shot, one of whom survived the massacre. Marloh successfully invoked the Noske shooting order and was acquitted of the manslaughter charge. In the wake of the Röhm putsch in the summer of 1934, which also fell victim to Marloh's accomplice in the counterrevolutionary shootings of 1919, Eugen von Kessel , Marloh was also erroneously reported abroad as having been murdered as part of the action. In fact, Marloh remained unmolested and was appointed head of the prison in Celle in 1934, which he remained until 1939. In 1941 he took over the management of the prison in Gollnow " (Wikipedia)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: This grouping consists of two letters and an award document. The two letters, dated June 6, 1941 and June 12, 1941, both speak of the appointment to Senior Government Council of Celle Germany and the following award document dated May 29, 1941 from Adolf Hitler. The large award document and portfolio partially reads " On behalf of the German people, I appoint the government councilor Otto Marlo to the senior government council. I am executing this deed in the expectation that the appointee, true to his oath of service, will conscientiously fulfill his official duties and justify the trust that is shown to him by this appointment. At the same time I assure him of my special protection." The letters and award document have appropriate signatures and embossed stamp. The portfolio measures approximately 26cm x 36.5cm with a nice gilt eagle to the front cover. "Grouping of promotion related documents to war criminal and prison warden Otto Marloh. He is infamous for having participated in the suppression of the Volksmarinedivision in 1919 and his sensational subsequent trial. During the Third Reich he served as director of the prisons in Celle and Gollnow (referenced in the documents). He also played a role in deporting local Gypsies to Auschwitz and for inciting the murder of Allied airmen. The documents feature the original signature of Justice minister Franz Schlegelberger."

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