BACKGROUND: The female version of the male RAD, Reichsarbeitsdienst, (National Labor Service), was originally established in February 1933 and was considered a sub-section of the National Sozialistches Frauenschaft, (National Socialist Women's Organization). In April 1936 the female labor service was dissociated with the NS Frauenschaft and was given the official designation, RADwj, Reichsarbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend, (National Labor Service for Young females). Government regulations of June 26TH 1935 dictated compulsory service in the RAD or RADwJ but due to a lack of trained leaders the compulsory service for females wasn't enacted until September 4TH 1939. All females who has served honorably in the RADwJ were awarded a Commemorative Service Brooch on completing their service time.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A single-fold, off-white cardboard "Arbeitsdienst-paß" whose closed cover measures 10.5cm x 15cm. The cover features, in brown, the title "Arbeitsdienst-paß", the RADwj logo of a mobile swastika with two sheaves of wheat underneath it, enclosed in a circle, and to the bottom "Reichsarbeitsdienst für die weibliche Jugend". To the first interior page is a double stamped photograph of the bearer in her uniform. The second page gives information on her service while on the back cover are outlined the rights entitled to the bearer of the card. Included is a Reichsarbeitsdienst Compulsory ID to the same person.

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