N001081 NSDAP POLITICAL PODIUM BANNER. (Politische Hakenkreuz Fahne)

BACKGROUND: Probably one of the most recognizable pieces of insignia associated with the Nazi regime is the swastika flag. Utilized by pretty much by all the organization of the Third Reich in one form or another. The swastika, (a Sanskrit word meaning "well being"), is an ancient symbol that was utilized in numerous diverse cultures and signified both the cycle of life and the sun. The swastika was also a Nordic rune and the pagan Germanic symbol for Thor, God of Adventurers. During WWI the swastika began to represent national and anti-Semitic leanings in such organizations as the Thule society and other German nationalistic movements and later, assorted Freikorps groups. In the midsummer of 1920 Hitler adopted the swastika as the premier symbol of the NSDAP. In "Mein Kampf", Hitler states that although numerous party members had proposed the swastika and red, black and white as the party emblem and colors it was he himself who came up with the final design. The flag itself was adopted as the national flag of Germany after Hitler's rise to power in 1933.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Approximately 95cm tall, 76cm wide, single sided, multi-piece, woven, rayon construction banner features a red base field with a separate, machine stitched white circular field to the center with a black printed, canted swastika. The banner also has a 25mm wide white border machine stitched 3cm in from the outside edge of all four sides. The bottom edge of the banner is trimmed with 60mm long, twisted white rayon fring. Nicely marked "Fahnen-Oster Köln". This vertical style banner was designed to be hung lengthwise and was most commonly utilized on podiums. Clean and in excellent untouched condition.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $249.00

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