N077778 DRK EM/NCO'S COLLAR TABS. (Kragenspiegel)

BACKGROUND: The DRK, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross), was a voluntary civil assistance organization that was originally instituted in 1864 and was officially acknowledged by the Geneva Convention on July 27TH 1929. On December 9TH 1937 the DRK gained the status of a legally recognized organization by the NSDAP. As with other essential services in Third Reich Germany the DRK came under control of the NSDAP in late 1938 under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior Social Welfare Organization. DRK uniforms and insignia can be traced back to at least WWI and underwent minor modifications until August 6TH 1935 when major modifications were enacted including the introduction of the national eagle emblem with swastika. Further regulations in January 1938 dictated additional minor uniform modifications. In the first World War DRK personnel wore large white parallelogram collar tabs with a central red cross emblem. During the Weimar era the white parallelogram collar tabs were exchanged for round collar tabs. The uniform regulations of August 6TH 1935 reverted to the parallelogram style collar tabs and they were to remain in use through-out World War II with minor modifications.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dual 1935 pattern, DRK EM/NCO’s collar tabs in a pale gray wool with red enameled, Greek style, red crosses, attached by dual prongs. The collar tabs are mounted on grey wool backings.

GRADE ****1/2                                                                 PRICE $89.00

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