N036575 TWO PLACE NSDAP LONG SERVICE RIBBON BAR. (Kleine Ordensschnallen aus der Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP)

BACKGROUND: The NSDAP long service awards were instituted, in three classes, in April of 1939 as awards to long serving party members. Bestowal of the award required an unbroken, unblemished period of time served in any of the various Nazi Party formations. Time served between February of 1925 and January of 1933, during the "Kampfzeit" (Struggle-time), counted as double. The three classes were distinguished by the time served, with the first class awarded for twenty-five years service, fifteen years service for the second class, and ten years service for the third class award.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A ribbon bar comprised of both second and third class NSDAP long service award ribbons each with stamped alloy ciphers fixed to them. The second class ribbon, to the left, is blue with doubled silver stripes arranged vertically to either edge, and the third class ribbon, to the right, is brown with dual white outer edge stripes. Both have alloy devices in the form of an eagle and swastika, encircled by a wreath of oak leaves, fixed to them. The device to the left ribbon is nickel-silver plated, while that to the right is bronzed. Complete with original pin back device.

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